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Lely T.
28 November 2018

Tasty chips, nice packaging. Favorit saya adalah ‘Salt & Cracked Black Pepper’. Terima kasih Van Landa!

Chloe Carter
28 November 2018

Hi! I love your chips! Thanks for making decent chips in Indonesia. Can you please make “Salt and Vinegar ” flavor chips! I know lots of people who will buy!

28 November 2018

cemilannya enak, cuman sayangnya agak sedikit mahal dan, meskipun harga duakalilipat setara dengan kesehatan tapi saya berharap untuk kedepannya bisa bertambah murah agar kalangan menengah kebawah juga bisa menikmatinya

28 November 2018

Hi! Is this available outside of Indonesia? Tried these in Bali…they are very good!!

28 November 2018

I have already tasted Van Landa Chips, the original one.
I love how you guys crafted such a product with care and responsbility to mother nature.
The chips taste great because I don’t feel any guilty anytime I eat it 

Thank you for creating this nicely eco package potato chips in Indonesia. Keep up the good work! God bless

Alison G
28 November 2018

Dear Sirs,

Firstly I would like to commend you on an excellent product! the taste, the freshness, ingredients etc, and the cool the packaging. We first saw your product in a shop in Sanur, Bali ( “The Pantry”) and were very impressed by it and would very much like some more information…

My husband and myself are currently setting up a store near Candidasa, East Bali, that will cater to the tourism market selling gifts, food and espresso coffee. We are always looking to stock quality, locally made produce with a healthy and ethical approach to manufacturing. If you are interested in selling to us on a wholesale level, would you have a local distributor that we can approach to place an order with?

Looking forward to your reply
Kind Regards
Alison G

28 November 2018

Nemu potato chip van landa di ranch market Surabaya. Suami saya yang berkebangsaan amerika langsung kasih apresiasi karena akhirnya ada produk local snack Indonesia dengan kualitas ciamik, harga bersahabat, peduli lingkungan & sesama. He used to say Indonesian snack is junk. But now he’s changing.

Apalagi setelah kami buka web ini & baca pernyataan nilai,visi & misi van landa. We are your fans now. Thanks for being innovative. Keep up the good work. God bless.

28 November 2018

baru pertama kali nemu chips yg orisinil, authentic, nggak pake msg, i just couldn’t praise you enough!!! good job guys, ayo buktikan produk lokal jg mampu bersaing dengan produk luar!

18 November 2013

Hi there
These chips are amazing , do you ship to Australia?.

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